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Successful product teams work with visual screen maps.
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How it works

Integrate our lightweight SDK into your automated tests for the desired screen and run manually or in your CI/CD pipeline.
Find accurate always up-to-date screenshots in our web app. Accessible to all team members.
Then also bring those screenshots to the tools your team already uses and the conversation happens.

More Visual Insights

Your product documentation is always outdated? Automate your screen overview now.
With an app with dozens of screens it's easy to loose oversight. Make sure to stay on top of things as your product grows.
AppViewer is great for onboarding new team members and quickly showcasing your product without complicated app demos.

Raised Product Confidence

AppViewer let's you easily verify design changes without slow manual testing. That means less visual bugs slipping through.
It can show screens across multiple devices and form factors. This way you can ensure that all users have a great experience when using your app.
No more frustrated clicking through test versions or handling a plethora of test users to verify some change in a specific state. See different states of your screens at a glance.

Higher Team Productivity

Whether remote or in-person, AppViewer helps to ensure that your whole team is on the same page.
Having a joint understanding of the status quo is essential for discussing new features without unnecessary friction.
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BUILDFOX is a digital whitebox agency based in Berlin. We build robust digital user experiences across platforms with a high ambition to enable our clients to deeply understand their products with the help of our innovative toolbox.
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Remote control the state and data received by your test app to simplify manually testing different use cases, circumstances and edge cases.
Automatically capture your existing automated tests as a means to reliably document and describe your app's functionality, accessible to all product team members.
Tap into the data flowing through and going in and out of your app, to easily see what's happening behind the scenes while you do manual tests. Verify analytics events, saved state, API requests,...
Allow your whole product team to easily see details of your app usually hidden in code. Integrated 3rd party SDKs, supported devices, used API endpoints etc.
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