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A web tool where app developers can share automated screenshots with their team. Creating an up-to-date visual documentation and to seamlessly collect UI feedback early-on across multiple devices and configurations.
Faster feedback loops
Less manual testing
Visual documentation
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How it works

Integrate our lightweight SDK into your automated UI tests or call our API and run with every change or release.
Product Managers, Designers and all other team members can instantly see the new screenshots appear in our web app.
Easily integrate those screenshots in the tools your team already uses to collaborate.

Faster UI feedback

Engineers can very quickly publish updated screenshots, even for intermediate development snapshots without the need to build and publish any test versions.
Product Managers and Designers can provide instant feedback without the need to download, install or manually test anything.
Therefore improving the turnaround time for release-ready UI changes.

Less manual testing

Manual tests can significantly slow down the speed of your sprints. Devices need to be administered, test users handled and test environments configured.
All screenshots are available in our web app, so no actual device is required for a review. It's perfect for a remote / work-from-home situation.

Better test coverage

Verify and document scenarios that would be laborious or impossible to reach manually. Hard to reach places deep in your app, tricky to replicate edge-cases or devices that you simply don't own.
Easily switch between screen sizes, device orientations, languages and other configurations.
Our intuitive web app makes it easy to filter and compare as desired.
That means less visual bugs slipping through.

Reliable documentation

Your product documentation or manuals are always outdated? Appviewer provides you with an always up-to-date bird's eye view of your project.
Having an automated process is crucial to fulfill audits or other internal and external requirements demanding reliable insights in your user journeys.
Appviewer is also great for onboarding new team members and quickly showcasing your product without complicated app demos.
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