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Your Partner for ever‑evolving Apps

On the way to find the best digital solutions for your needs, we analyze the domain, involved actors and business goals and jointly establish a fitting product strategy, the right tech stack and the most effective toolbox.
For the last decade, we have been building engaging and robust digital user interfaces in highly dynamic environments. For millions of users of our clients, from start-ups and scale-ups to medium enterprises.
Rich user experiences are driven by data sets and intelligent processes in the cloud. This is where your core business logic resides, your content is managed and APIs are connected. We ensure the necessary speed, scalability, availability and security.
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Moritz Kreppel
Founder & CEO
Urban Sports Club
A highly reliable partner, who always has a focus on user experience while understanding and taking into account business requirements. Combined with a rock-solid experience in product development - exaclty what we needed!
Whitebox Engineering

Full Insights - No Silos

We advocate what we call Whitebox-Engineering. We strongly believe that the most efficient collaboration is achieved when everybody involved has the best possible understanding of even more complex, very dynamic digital products. Where other service providers build walled knowledge silos, we opt for radical insights.
And since the market default is a different one, we build the necessary tooling ourselves along the way.
Our Proprietary Toolbox
AppViewer accurately shows all screens of the application, accessible to all team members. It's updated automatically as the application grows with each new release. This serves as a fundamental basis to keep a clear overview of your product.
Essential for building new features. Great for onboarding new team members. A real time-saver on a daily basis.
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Remote control the state and data received by your test app to simplify manually testing different use cases, circumstances and edge cases.
Automatically capture your existing automated tests as a means to reliably document and describe your app's functionality, accessible to all product team members.
Tap into the data flowing through and going in and out of your app, to easily see what's happening behind the scenes while you do manual tests. Verify analytics events, saved state, API requests,...
Allow your whole product team to easily see details of your app usually hidden in code. Integrated 3rd party SDKs, supported devices, used API endpoints etc.
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Engineering Practices

Reliability built-in

Architectural decisions and coding principles in line with leading tech companies provide robustness and ensure maintainability without risky experiments

Solid QA Processes

Automated and manual testing covering a range of user devices ensures confidence moving forward from sprint to sprint

Tools & Automations

Modern tools and automations for testing, deployment and documentation support our agile product development cycle

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